Graphic Designer based in Utrecht (NL)
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As I see 

‘As I See’ is about a way of looking at the urban environment. When I am wandering through a city I am always on the lookout for structures, geometry, lines, patterns, repetition or interesting details that buildings create. The abstraction, the movement and serenity that they bring intrigues me. This project consists of a collection of photographs that I took of buildings and places. In this project you will experience my way of seeing the city.

This project was my graduation project of the University of the Arts Utrecht.

Size: 200 x 280
Material: laser print

This project can also be seen on HKU exposure.

︎︎︎ Exposure HKU

Traag naar de Hemel

In collaboration with Ontwerpwerk, I created this poster for the documentary Traag naar de Hemel (Heaven Awaits). In July 2019 it went in premiere and has been showed at various (international) festivals.

Size: 841 x 1189
Material: offset print

︎︎︎ Ontwerpwerk

Feeling Alive 

A personal project of 4 spread designs with poems and collages about life, feeling accepted and having connections with people. 

Size: 148 x 210

Material: laser print

Mentioned by Lovably.

︎︎︎ Lovably 

Peer Pressure
A manifesto of posters about peer pressure. Peer pressure is the influence of behaviour of a group on the members of that group to meet the norms and values of the group. Peer pressure is a subject that affects a lot of people every day. But not everyone is aware of it. 
Size: 420 x 594
Material: offset print


Through the rapid development of technology, we
spend less time in nature. We get disconnected from
it. This publication expresses the idea of reconnecting
to the environment again. By having different layers of different sizes I am giving the idea that through the book your view on nature would widen. You will emerge yourself in nature again.

Size: 148 x 210 

Material: laser print